St Michael’s Hospice Riding Club

The St Michael’s Hospice Riding Club was started in 2006 initially raising funds for St Michaels Hospice with the aid of Mr Auer at Normanhurst Estate through the Normanhurst Charity Ride. This has now been running for about 10 years with fantastic support from volunteers and participants.

It was thought that with the loss of the riding club activity in the area we would set up one which raised funds solely for a local charity. Since we already ran the ride it led nicely onto the idea of creating a club with activities to suit all ages and levels of riding.

Our biggest event is the Annual Horse and Dog Event which is held in September each year.

In 2016 we raised over £10,000 for the hospice.

Please support us and let us know of the types of activities you would like us to arrange. Membership forms have space for your comments on what you would like the club to offer its members. We look forward to your support and an active Riding club that will raise much needed funds for our local Hospice.

We have just introduced an on line payment system called Equo run by Horse and Hound which will enable a smoother process of taking entries for our events. We will continue to accept cash and cheque entries as well. Register your details on the system and it will save your information for when you wish to enter. full details are available on our facebook site and on this site under diary of events.